Sunday, July 4, 2010

Change email address for Blogger

I changed my gmail adress and i wanted to keep the content of my blog.

How do I associate my blogspot blog with a new gmail address?? the answer to this will also be applicable for those who have more than 1 blog but will like different PROFILE for different blogs.

After looking i figured that the way to it is simple, so all you have to do is to sign into Dashboard and click SETTINGS > PERMISSION and add yourself with the new email address as an author.



Now for convenience, it is best you open another browser, “sometimes it is useful to use more than one browser at the same PC”for me i used Firefox and Chrome…

Sign into your new email address and you should see a message from Blogger which should be the one containing the invitation. Accept the invitation.


Now go back to your Blogger account in the other browser where you are still logged in and in the PERMISSION tab. You should see your other email address added as an author. Give yourself admin rights. Now if you are sure that you have added yourself with the new email address, and you may remove yourself with the old email address if you wish.